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Hello reader and welcome to We Heart Change!

My name is Yelena and  I created this site to bring you the news that are being (mostly) forgotten by the mainstream media, stories that give us hope, ideas the spark big changes, inventions that have to be knows, and information that can be no longer ignored.

I used to microwave my food (in plastic too!) and make bologna sandwich for lunch, I ate in McDonalds and usually had a pack of chewy Starburst candy in my bag. I was feeling nauseous every minute of every day from as early as I can remember to the point that I could not eat food normally and almost became anorexic; I was always tired, had horrible anxiety and eczema, and when it got to the point that I would feel like fainting from doing normal every day things, normal medical doctors (I was not aware of existence of naturopaths) did not know what to do with me, to them I looked perfectly “healthy.” One doctor even bluntly asked, “What do you expect me to do?” Well, shortly after that conversation, I had a complete health crisis that lasted a few years, and let me tell you – there is just something about almost dying a few times that really wakes your mind up to life and what is going on around you. Unfortunately, my story is no longer rare (it was 10 years ago) so I will not bore you with any more details.


419049_10151987583836978_1424831452_n 2After overcoming the health obstacle, I suddenly became hyper-aware of everything around me and how it affected my health. First came intuition, then research, and finally change when I found proof to what my body was telling me all along. I threw out the microwave, re-stocked the kitchen with 100% organic food; replaced non-stick pans, plastic containers and kitchen tableware with everything made with stainless steel, glass or wood; bought more natural cleaners and aromatherapy based products, stopped wearing toxic make-up, bought filters for tap water, and maybe most importantly, removed and replaced amalgam fillings in my teeth to ceramic ones. Other small changes and discovering happened over the next 8 years: salt lamps, herbs and supplements, crystals, emotional healing, making amends with the past, meditation, and spiritual beliefs. I believe this journey is very individual, and there are many different paths to health. The most important aspect is to learn to listen to your body, it always knows what is right.

11059639_10153278304135762_4608841543680777406_n quoteEven though the big changes in my life began with health, I came to a clear realization in the last few years that everything is connected, which is why you will also find other types of news that are happening in the world that cause big changes to happen.

I am a big proponent of social journalism. If you look at the very beginning of the history of this profession, it all started with a town crier who stood on the corner of the street in the village and yelled out the latest news. Well, our global “village” has grown to 7 billion people and one person can longer keep track of everything that is going on in all corners of the world. So please, do not hesitate to contact the site if you know something, if newer information came to light, and tell everyone else too! We cannot change the world without one another, and we also cannot change it by staying quiet. So speaks your minds and speak your hearts, while still being respectful to the others’ opinions, and only then, we will see real change!

Thank you for reading!

Love & Light,



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